• Hardwood floors: can an amateur do a decent job refinishing…

    Don't use a drum sander, those can be pretty difficult to control, from . I too used an orbital sander and edger and then used polyurethane with

  • Process of Sanding Your Hardwood Floors MN

    Use the edger (using the same grit you just used on the drum) to sand all the areas that .. A palm or orbital sander is more powerful than your hand and will so

  • Sanding A New Hardwood Floor With A Rental Drum…

    A drum sander is run over the floor in a careful pattern to even out the . Owning a 5 inch random orbital sander, I figured I could use this tool to

  • Industrial Floor Sanders | eBay

    Random Orbit Sandler Hook and Loop Pad 5" Mak Hitachi 209 RSP27. $14.47 . Clarke American Sanders RS16 Rotary Buffer Sander- USED-FULLY Clarke Floorcrafter 8" Beltsander floor Drum sander 220/240V.

  • Floor Sanding Tutorial - Quasius Equipment Rentals,…

    There are generally two types of floor sanders: orbital and drum sanders. Drum sanders are the sanders typically used when refinishing floors. They do the best

  • Best DIY Floor Sander for Beginners - Bob Vila

    Random orbital floor sander with rectangular base Sure, it may take longer to remove old finishes than it would with a drum sander, but you I have found that Clarke-American random orbital sanders are the easiest to use of the models

  • wood working - what kind of sander to use?…

    For an 8 x 10 area, I'd use a 5" or 6" orbital disk sander. where I'd start to consider hiring a large drum sander (use a punch to sink the nails in

  • How To Refinish Hardwood Floors - The Home Depot

    Use this Home Depot guide to learn how to refinish and refurbish a floor for long lasting To get the job done all you really need is a basic drum sander for floors, stain, and . A random-orbit sander is easier to control than an edge sander.

  • DIY Wood Floor Sanding: Common Pitfalls of…

    The other option you may see is a planetary sander which uses a single However, as long as you don't leave large drum marks the smaller

  • How to Sand Hardwood Floors - The Spruce

    Sanding Hardwood Floors with a Drum Sander If you're picturing an orbital sander to involve a large, rotating sheet of sandpaper, you may be mistakenly thinking of a floor Sanders You'll Use When Finishing Your Floor.

  • All About Sanders - Extreme How To

    Bench sanders include disc and belt, surface, drum and drum spindle. a belt sander, the next sander to use might be a random orbit model.

  • Drum Sander Versus Wide Belt - Woodweb

    Drum sanders are not planers though and many folks try to use them as such and always walk . I'd still use my orbital just before finishing.

  • Floor Sander | Drum Sander, Edger, Floor Buffer,…

    At U-Sand, we've developed reliable, easy-to- use random orbital sanders any Don't be intimidated by aggressive drum sanders that can be as stubborn as a

  • Proper Drum Sander Use - The Wood Whisperer

    So when I sand with 220 grit on the drum sander, I will drop back to 180 grit with my random orbit sander. The grooves created by the drum

  • Sander - Wikipedia

    A sander is a power tool used to smooth surfaces by abrasion with sandpaper. Sanders have a Random orbital sander; Orbital sander: A hand-held sander that vibrates in small circles, or "orbits." The sanding disk spinning Table Top Drum sander: A bench top sander that uses a rotating drum. Much like a jointer, the

  • Floor Sanding Tips: Sanding & Refinishing…

    A random orbital sander won't, or won't as much, and swirls in a wood floor aren't what You may find recommendations for using a drum sander, which uses a

  • This is what happens when you DON'T listen to the folks at…

    A few days ago I rented a drum sander from Home Depot. Instead I used my orbital sander. The drum sander weighs nearly 100 pounds.

  • Do I need to sand my entire deck before staining? - Home…

    For new unstained deck boards, I use a Random Orbital Sander. I recommend starting with a drum sander and start with a 40 grit which will

  • Best Drill Sander Attachments Reviews 2017|Tool and…

    The most popular are the random orbital sanders. backing pad and these types of sanding attachments can be used with any type of drill. Sanding Drum Kits.

  • Sanders - Belt Sanders, Palm Sanders, Orbital…

    Items 1 - 20 of 22 Save on belt sanders, palm sanders and random orbital sanders at Harbor Freight Tools. Deep discounts on sanders of all kinds.

  • Refinishing wood floors with floor sanders - who has done…

    Drum sanders are pretty old-school, I used one once on a deck and it was I would instead recommend a disc random orbit floor sander with

  • AW Extra 9/27/12 - 21 Drum Sander Tips - Popular…

    sander. The secrets are to use a coarse abrasive ( grit to Remember, your drum sander's greatest enemy is excess heat. This is . sander. It's best to back up one grit size when you start your orbital sanding. So, if

  • SoloWoodworker - Hand Sanders and Stationary…

    If you use a random orbital sander, how do you get into the corners? . sanding drums with abrasive cylinders can be purchased to use in a

  • Floor Refinishing: Lesson 1 | Sarah's Big Idea

    Square Buff Floor Sander: “Multi-Purpose Orbital Sanding Machine used for screen and re-coat and general floor maintenance.” Drum Floor

  • Random Orbital Power Sanders - The Spruce

    Most random orbit sanders use sanding disks, typically in a inch diameter affixed Oscillating Spindle Sanders - How to Use a Drum Sander.

  • Orbital Vs. Drum Sanding for Hardwood Floors |…

    There are two basic options: drum sanding or an orbital sanding. The best type of sander to use depends on the condition of the floor, the level of refinishing you

  • Uses For Drum and Orbital Floor Sanders -…

    Designed for different purposes, drum and orbital sanders both have a place in floor finishing.

  • Refinishing Hardwood Floors - Lowe's

    For flat floors, use a random orbital sander. This sander is easier to handle than a drum sander and eliminates directional scratches. Random orbital sanders are

  • HT8 Drum Floor Sander - Features -…

    The HT8 is a 200mm (8') high performance drum floor sander with clamp bar The HT8 can also be used on a wide range of other surfaces including some

  • Know Your Power Sanders, And How to Use Them - Which…

    There are several different sizes and types of sanders available, but below are The tool's motor drives the rear drum while the front drum spins freely. A random-orbit sander won't remove wood as quickly as a belt sander,

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